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This Bladeless Exfoliating Microscreen® by SILK FEET is your flexible, fast way to fabulous feet! Silk Feet is designed to quickly remove dry, callused skin, revealing the smooth healthy skin beneath. The flexible, open screen design allows the abrasive microscreen to maintain continuous contact with the skin during use for highly effective smoothing action.

  • Flexible Screen (allows debris to pass through for continuous contact with abrasive while in use) with dry or wet application (i.e. in shower or out)
  • Simple, Convenient size that is compact and easy to throw in a travel bag, gym bag, or purse
  • Fast & Effective: in just minutes SF can penetrate deeper layers of dead skin cells, smoothing out dry, cracked heels, without cutting too deeply, like razor blades do, which leaves feet sore or hurting
  • Nothing else like it on the market that is affordable and this effective.
  • Doesn't clog up with dead skin cells like sanding type products, nor cut too deeply like a razor, nor take daily commitment over long periods of time like pumice stones. Individuals can apply with varied intensity to their own needs.